Santa Cruz Comics, blood-splattered tales of horror, bawdy satire, and spoof ads. サンタクルーズ漫画はトランプの政治的な政策に対する Санта Круз Комикс, который иллюстрировает страшные истории и политическые драмы 
Latest Manga #1 Six Stories & Spoof Ads 48 Pages

Against the Wall

Pedro's parents were killed by criminals near their village in Mexico, leaving him destitute. but he has an Aunt who's a US citizen in Los Angeles. Can he make it through the desert and coyotes to her?

Московная Убийца
Moscow Hitman

Yuri thinks of himself as a consultant, like an attorney or tax advisor, but he's a contract killer. In his debut he takes a job to avenge with prejudice an act of treason.

Tokyo Ghost Story

Left in the suicide forest with a broken ankle, our protagonist suffers a premature demise, returning to haunt those who left her, yet in fear of the light.

Fairy & Troll pursue murderous giant octopus and a cult of cannibal corn dog worshipers. By Douglas Bragdon with UCSC artists:
Janell Mora
Tony Caudillo-Leiva
Annette Yao
Gian Paredes
Anan Ma

How Not to Surf

How Not to Surf is a short guide to things beginning surfers should avoid lest they suffer grievous injury. Inspired by actual events! One in a series of How Not to _____.

Life on Mars is a transgender sci fi story about the struggles endured by an individual working as an asteroid pilot to obtain gender reassignment surgery. Writing & art by Doug Bragdon with UCSC artist Thovatey Tep.